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Peptide 4x was developed to provide gross and functional long-term improvement to dystrophic muscles in aged animals. The biochemist proceeded with an experiment and resulted an increase in the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of peptides when used in conjunction for muscle cell culturing.

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Formulation 4x
Combination peptides have proven to be quite challenging with pH stabilization,
formulation and cryo protection of the protein by suitable excipients. The formulations
below are a compilation of our efforts to provide researchers worldwide the very best
technologically available products in the USA with an extremely competitive price.

Formulation 4x
GHRP-6 1.0mg
Ipamorelin 1.0mg
modGRF (1-29) 1.0mg
IGF-1Ec 500ug

Formulation 4X
In mammals, endogenous GH is released from the pituitary and regulated by the
hypothalamic releasing and inhibiting hormones, such as GHRPs and GHRHs. The
outcome is GH, a highly anabolic hormone that regulates protein synthesis, fat,
metabolism and other processes.
Exogenous administration of GHRP/GHRH stimulates endogenous GH. The
combined administration of them causes a significant rise in GH levels in vivo and vitro
as opposed to a sole dose of either one. In one particular study, a cohort of elderly and
young subjects was administered 1-10ug/kg of both GHRP and GHRH. Subject’s
baseline IGF levels were approximately 90ug +/- 20ug/L (elderly) and 300ug +/- 50ug/L
(young). The 30 day concluded results are a 3 fold endogenous secretion of GH and a
substantial increase in IGF compared to day 0. These results were analyzed with other
protocols that determined GHRP/GHRH synergy combination has greater overall
effectiveness when used together than sole administration.,
IGF-1 gene is capable of diverse mRNA transcripts. The IGF-1 mRNA codes different
isoforms of IGF, including, IGF-1Ec or MGF. The current interpretation of MGF’s
mechanism is based upon mechanical signals, such as pain from damaged muscle
under extreme load. By linking this stimulus with mRNA transcription for gene
expression, the affected areas will promote cellular differentiation and protein synthesis
required for muscle repair. Additionally, IGF/GH circulates in targeted tissues and GH is
utilized in muscle growth. This action creates IGF locally in tissues, in this case
damaged muscle, which promotes the splice variant IGF-1Ec from the mRNA transcript.
IGF is also created in the liver in a similar fashion with GH acting as a messenger. This
comingling is the formation of the IGF/GH negative feedback system.

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